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The Majority of the apparel offered by the Rangers is done so through third party sites such as Teespring, and RedBubble. If you are having an issue with your item, please click Here for Redbubble or Here for Teespring 

General Merchandise

Please note that the Risembool Ranger Store is individually run by our Store Manager & Assistant Store Manager.

Many orders are usually processed  same day or within 24 hours of receiving your order. Please Have patience!

Certain items may take longer shipping times than what is listed. If that is the case, we will put individualized shipping information below the product on our Store Page. Also, be mindful that because this IS an individually run store, if an emergency happens to our Store Manager, there may be a slight delay with your order. However, we plan and pray that these things don't happen often!

Thank You for your understanding.

Do I need a Paypal Account to purchase stuff from the store?


No, Paypal will guide you even if you don’t have an account with them.

* Paypal offers you the choices of paying with your credit card, online check, and Paypal account. 

For more information on Paypal's payment method please go to the Paypal Website.

We do not accept cash, COD, money orders and/or mail in payments.


How quickly can I get my stuff? Do you have Rush Shipping?

With Apparel , it depends on what is available. Rush shipping can usually be added at checkout. 

For General Merchandise, please note that the store tends to ship every other week, usually a Friday.

It generally takes 4-6 weeks (a little longer for overseas orders).

*For information from our third party suppliers or the products that are directly purchased from them, please check out the Contact Page 

Please Email before orders of Music or Media and we will make
arrangements if you need your item rushed.

How much is shipping? I don't see it.

To make things easier, the shipping is included in the price for orders within the United States.

Do you ship to (Greece, Canada, Amestris?)

Yes, yes, and no.

We ship world wide! However we have yet to be able to ship to fictional lands.

*For more information about world wide shipping for apparel, please refer to the websites Redbubble or Teespring

I ordered Sheet music, where do I download it from?

Sit tight! the sheet music isn’t an instant download. you will receive an email containing it within 24 hours.
If you do not receive your copy of the sheet music within 7 days, please contact our 
Assistant Manager.
Headshots, CDs, and DVDs
Can I order signed Cds or DVDs?
The only item that is signed by Vic are the Headshots at this time. 

Can Headshots be personalized? 
Sadly, no.

The item I want is sold out! what do I do?!
It’s alright! Sometimes, items are just SO COOL that we can’t keep it in as fast as it is shipped out.

Don’t worry though they DO come back, but in the meantime you can join
the email list to get updates on what items are back in stock.

I have an idea for an item….
We would love to hear it! Just send us an email!

I received my order, but it's wrong/damaged/something is missing...
No problem!
Our return policy on Music and Media items includes:

-Up to 15 days returns for a Full Refund

-Up to 30 for returns for either an exchange or store credit.


Please file all claims with the Store Manager BEFORE you send your item back.

Your receipt is not necessary to return with your item, but we would suggest that you keep it

for your records to refer to in the event of any issues. 

*Redbubble or Teespring returns need to be done on their respective websites. 

I clicked on a product to purchase it and I couldn't?
The button didn't work? The Link was wrong, or nothing happened?
Don't Panic! Technical difficulties can and do happen from time to time.
If you are experience a technical issue with the store's controls, please contact the Webmistress.


Technical difficulties that happen in/on the Paypal site are best handled by them.
We advise that you contact Paypal technical support immediately with a follow up CC to us about the error transaction.

I still have a question!
If you can’t find what you need here please feel free to email the Ranger Store.

What is the meaning of Life, the Universe, and everything?

Please Remember-Your privacy is important to us.
For information about what information is collected and what steps we take to ensure you privacy, please check out our Privacy page.

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